Do you need to file claim or bring a lawsuit against another individual or business?

If so, what is the difference between Civl Court and Small Claims?

In Civil Court cases, you can represent yourself or you can hire your own lawyer.  Obviously, you have to pay for attorney costs and the filing fees can be reasonably higher, as this Court deals with the higher award amounts.  In Civil Court you have to follow very specific rules and civil procedures and it may be overwhelming and very time consuming. However, we can help you prepare your complaint, do various motions, responses, answers, objections and even do legal research for you case.  We also make sure your paperwork is filed correctly with the civil department we and can serve all the necessary paperwork to the opposing party.

For Small Claims Court, you represent yourself and there are NO attorneys.  Filing fees are much cheaper and the rules and procedures are much more informal.  If you are an individual suing another party, you can seek up to $10,000 in damages and if you are a business you can file a lawsuit for damages of up to $5,000. We can prepare the appropriate paperwork necessary to file your claim with Small Claims, get a hearing date, prepare any evidence, declarations or narratives needed for a thorough presentation of your case.

Keep in mind, if an individual, business or third party lien claimant has brought action against you in either of these Courts, we can help you answer the paperwork appropriately and in a timely manner

We can also assist in Unlawful Detainer cases, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.